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NetMarketing is a multi-service business-to business consulting company that specializes in creating and delivering innovative marketing and operation solutions. Our solutions include digital marketing strategies, road maps and implementation.


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eMarketing Association Membership

eMarketing Association Membership

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I got my start in internet sales and marketing 13 years ago when I had an opportunity to pioneer the online marketing for a a modest $9 million company with a small sales and service staff. At the time I used traditional marketing tools — direct mail, print ads, catalogs, sales collateral to spread the word.  (by the way, word of mouth is still the killer app).

I was a reluctant hero when I showed the CEO how we could get to the top engine rankings in minutes using pay-per-click for a quick infusion of leads. After getting PPC management in place, I got to work learning about organic search. It took 6 years to grow to a thriving $40 million global industrial sales organization with an e-commerce call center, service department, and outside sales team.  I was thrilled with this experience to bridge IT and marketing teams with “tech-marketing”. Eventually I trained some of the IT folks in this new marketing side so we could work together building a site that dominated the search engines at that time and the company still enjoys excellent ranking today for a majority of its products. Today the call center simply takes orders as fast as possible and makes very few outbound calls to get business.

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